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Battle Jerkin Battle Jerkin

                                                       The Pattern 2005
                                                 Battle Jerkin -Commander

1) Purpose  The Battle Jerkin has been designed to carry your kit by spreading the load on the front and sides of your body while leaving your back free to carry a pack or to sit in a vehicle

2) Characteristics
a) The Jerkin enables the Commander to carry the equipment needed for the task ,8x30 binoculars , military GPS . small radio , 2x military cell phones , compass , radio codes , map cordernater , maps , pens

b) The Jerkin enables you to carry the following ammunition , 12x M-16 magazines or 8x cartons of 7.62 sniper ammunition ( 160 bullets)
2x Hand grenades ,1 smoke grenade , 1 combat knife

c) The Jerkin enable you to carry food and water , a  3 litre water balder , 2x British army water bottles with the metal crusader cup  , room to put in a solid fuel cooker and rations

d) The Jerkin enables you do carry 3x FFD 's , 6x marker pens or stick lights  , 1 wire cutter

3)  Description - all the pouches have eyelet's or D-rings
Left hand side
a) 2x ammo pouches with 2x FFD pockets and 4x marker pen pockets .
The ammo pouches close with velcro and a QR Buckle which has a webbing loop sewn around it  To open pull Down and then out ,the velcro can be covered for silent operation.

b) The large side pouch has on the left hand side a Smoke grenade pouch which opens with velcro and a  has a knife scabbard behind .
On the right hand side there is a open pouch with a buckle and para cord this is top carry the GPS or Radio .
On the front there is a horizontal compression strap .
Inside there is a nylon pocket to hold a water bottle and cup , there is extra room inside for a stove and rations.
The pouch closes with a draw cord and a QR buckle.

c) The Commander pouch has on each side a pocket for a military cell phone with a velcro tab
On the front a flat pocket with a small velcro tab and a buckle closing for
Inside a nylon pocket with elastic
On the back there is a clear plastic pocket  large enough for a map cordernater  , this is where you put your radio codes
The pouch opens up with a buckle so you can read the codes

d) Inside there are two slash pockets for maps  , one has a velcro tap closer

f) There are male and female 25mm SR buckle for attaching the PLCE gas mask pouch to the lower left hand side below the ammo pouches

Right hand side  , The same except for the following
a) 2 x hand grenade pouches instead of the smoke grenade , no knife scabbard

b) A simple pouch instead of the commander pouch , it is the same size pouch

c) a wire cutter pocket on the far right ammo pouch

Back and Shoulders
a) There is a long pouch on the back for a 3 litre water bladder  closing with velcro

b) PAL's webbing on the back of the water pouch and on the shoulder pads
on the right hand side there is a "Grimlock" karabiner to attach a gun strap.

c) A haul loop on the back for hauling

4) Wearing and Doffing
To get the right size  you have several different straps to adjust.
its best with all your kit in the jerkin

a) The height adjustment is at the front under the shoulder pads
lift up the pads , adjust the webbing and buckle to the desired height  , close the pad.
you may have to do this several times to get it right
once right pass the webbing back thought the ladderlock buckle to lock it

b) Close the front 3 buckles to the right distance for you and then pull tight the 6 back buckles till the jerkin sits tight .
once right pass the webbing back thought the ladderlock buckles to lock them

c) To doff , The bottom front two buckles have a webbing pull for fast opening
To open , pull the webbing in the middle with your left hand across and then out from your body
this can take some practise to get both buckles to open at once.
The top buckle opens in the same way

5) Care and Preservation
a) To clean the jerkin bush off the dust and mud and if needed Hand wash in tepid water with a soft wool soap then hang up to dry in the shade.

b) The jerkin 's body is made of polyester Titan fabric lined with polyester mesh and then with airmesh 3D mesh on the lower front sides
The pouches are made of nylon Cordura 1000 denier and the ammo pouches are lined with Cordura 500 denier
The nylon webbing is mil;spec
The buckles are from ITW Nexues are in a Khaki colour and have IRR treatment
The thread is Icabond 40#
The weight is 1.75 kg
Price 790 Shekles

Here is the the lower back Pouch attached with Annex buckles, It is not inculded
with the vest

To see more Photos go to this link
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